Care for your MinPin

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher

Grooming is easy, as the smooth, short-haired coat requires little attention. Care must be taken in colder weather as the coat provides virtually no insulation from the cold.

Since the minpin’s hair is short, they require only a minimal amount of grooming care. Everyday, take a couple of minutes to groom your miniature pinscher’s coat. This will keep the skin and coat shiny and in good condition. Dogs that are groomed on a daily basis will also require fewer baths as a result.

Brushing your Miniature Pinscher

Let the dog stand on a bench so you can easier reach. Use a soft brush with short bristles. Start at the head, working back across the back, down the shoulders and the legs. Follow direction of the hair is growing, and brush gently. Since the coat is short and sleek,  you need to be gently and not make this a painful experience for the dog.  Brush gently down the chest and along the stomach too, and the coat should look nice. Tip: If you pet the dog with silk fabric, the coat will really shine.

Loves to play

Remember that the miniature pinscher loves to play, so make sure you have some small dog toys in your house. In particularly, this dog likes toys that squeak or make sounds. Keep any kind of paper tissue away, because these dogs will chew and swallow tissue if you give them a chance. The result is then often that they vomit, which is no fun to clean off a carpet!

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