Don’t overfeed your miniature pinscher!

Even though they are full of energy, the Min Pin is a small dog and as such, you  should not give it too much food. It is important to stick to a feeding program where the calorie intake is appropriate. You must of course take good care in choosing the food your dog will eat. Stick to a quality brand with less fillers and more protein. The more natural the product, the better.

The recommended amount of food for the adult Min Pin is about one half ounce of food for each one pound of weight.

Your dog will gain weight if you feed it more than it should have, but there are more issues than that. The bone structure of a Min Pin is quite light. The dog can develop problems from carrying extra weight, because their frame is not built for it. Hip problems and joint issues especially, can occur in overweight Miniature Pinschers.

Another common problem with overweight Min Pins is diabetes. It can become very expensive for the dog owner to deal with a dog with diabetes, because of the veterinary bills that rack up. Thyroid problems is another issue to be aware of.

To keep your Min Pin in shape, take it for daily exercise, and feed it no more than half an ounce of dry dog food for every pound of  body weight. Do NOT feed the dog people foods (table scraps), because of the high sodium and sugar contents.

Small dogs quickly build up toxins from inappropriate food, and it can lead to kidney problems as well as issues with other internal organs.

Do your dog a favor, and do not overfeed it, and only stick to quality foods for your Miniature Pinscher.

Recommended Food

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  1. Ken Lee Webb says:

    My min is overweight.dr said he is not in pain but he does not walk right

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