Min-Pin Playing

Miniature Pinschers love to play and run around. I was walking our Min-Pin in the park one summer evening, and I brought my video camera with me. It was such a nice evening, even though there was also a lot of mosquitos!

If you are able to let your min-pin run around free outside somewhere, I encourage you to do so. They love to run around freely. Just keep a close eye on the dog, because often like to keep going and going and going and… well you get the idea.

Here is a video I made this summer evening. We had a great time together.

5 Replies to “Min-Pin Playing”

  1. The Know says:

    I love taking my min pin to the gated dog parks. Thats the closest I’ll let him get to running free because I don’t trust he won’t run out into the middle of the street. Plus, he doesn’t always like to listen when I call him to come.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, our min-pin is unreliable with cars… he could run in front of a vehicle any time if given the opportunity.

    I have the same problem with coming when called. These dogs have a strong personality and doesn’t really like to do what they are told… 🙂

  3. vstr says:

    What a nice park. What are the healthy sleeping habits of this breed? How many hours of sleep does it get during the day and night? Thanks.

  4. admin says:

    Min-pins usually sleep all night just like people do, then during the day, they also take naps. The frequency of naps depends on how active their day is.

  5. minpins says:

    All I can say is;they’re too brave and tough.They don’t even realized that they’re tiny at all.They think they’re big dogs.They even dare to jump down from a table about more than 1metre.Still minpins are quite nice dogs just too aggressive at times when they meet the vet

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