Min Pins are stubborn and clever

Our Min Pin is curious, and energetic. Miniature Pinschers seem to view themselves as the “the boss”, often times. They are both very confident but can also get scared easily.

They are curious by nature. When someone visits, our puppy barks out of excitement. He has to come sniff and check out the visitor. If he is scared of the person, he will keep barking!

A Min Pin needs activities. They easily get bored, so taking the dog for walks is very important.

If you are wondering if it’s easy to train these dogs, the answer is not quite. They are very confident and focused on themselves. I find training being a challenge.

Miniature Pinschers are curios and alert

Miniature Pinschers are curios and alert

They think they are quite smart, which can lead to them becoming demanding and stubborn.

If you don’t spend time training them, they can become demanding and difficult, since they love to bark and try to be the boss.

They can also become very aggressive with other dogs, and extremely protective of their owners and your family. When you train these dogs, you need to be firm and consistent, as well as kind and loving. They need a lot of love and attention too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these dogs do not particularly like children. If they kid plays rough with dog, and bite can easily happen.

In short, obedience training is a must. You can not let him be king of the house.

One other thing, these dogs like to jump up on chairs and grab things on tables. Keep away small things such as pencils, erasers, gloves, small toys, etc because otherwise these things will be chewed on for sure.

Keep these things in mind, focus on obedience training early, and be consistent. Then I am sure you will have many years of Min Pin love, just like we do in our home!

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