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Miniature Pinschers have a lot of energy. They are loyal, intelligent and very brave. Miniature Pinschers tend to think they are larger than their actual size, and can initially be aggressive towards other dogs. They are often not afraid of a dog 3 times its own size.


The Miniature Pinscher doesn’t like to be handled rough, so keep that in mind if you have small children. It can bite if a person doesn’t handle it gently. Again, early socialization is key here.

Their legs are thin and long. Since these dogs love to run and play, this easily could result in a broken leg for the dog if even a small child falls on the dog. A Miniature Pinscher loves to cuddle with people, and it likes to rest and sleep under a blanket in your bed, if you let it.

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Miniature Pinschers love people

Miniature Pinschers love people


Miniature Pinschers are not easy to housetrain. If the weather is cold outside and you let the dog out, often they turn around immediately and want back in, and you may end up with a puddle of pee somewhere as a result. Therefore, it is highly recommended you take the dog for a walk when you want it to go potty.


Miniature Pinschers get fat very easily and this can lead to health problems. It is very important you do not over feed them. A small scoop of dry dog food for small breeds 2 or 3 times per day should be enough.


Miniature Pinschers need a lot of exercise. They get most of their exercise while playing indoors, but they love to go on walks and you should do this daily. When you take it outside, you should use a dog harness, or else they can develop problems with their throat, since they like to pull on the leash.

Miniature Pinschers are curios and alert

Miniature Pinschers are curios and alert


These dogs like to bark. To deal with this, you need to correct them early and often. You should always reward your dog for good behavior. You can use treats, and give lots of praise when they do well. It is highly recommended that you obedience train the while a puppy, and let the dog socialize with other dogs as much as possible. It is possible to train a Miniature Pinscher well if you are patient, because they are very intelligent.


A Miniature Pinscher doesn’t require much grooming beyond wiping it with a damp cloth a times every week. This will shine up the coat. Once in a while, ou can give it a bath, using a very gentle shampoo. Bathing your dog too often will remove the oil from the skin, which can lead to dry cracking skin which will be irritating for the dog. This can lead to eczema, as a result of frequent scratching due to dry skin.

This breed sheds hair moderately. You can use a rubber brush to remove loose hair, but be very gentle.

Miniature Pinschers need lots of exercise

Miniature Pinschers need lots of exercise

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