Miniature Pinschers sleeping in bed

Miniature Pinschers like to sleep in their owners bed. If you let the dog sleep in your bed once, you instantly have a new sleeping pal for life. What you will need to do if you don’t want the Min Pin to sleep in your bed, is to keep your bedroom door closed from the day you get the dog. The dog might scratch on your door repeatedly if it thinks it is allowed into your bedroom and in your bed.

What are the drawbacks about letting the Miniature Pinscher sleep in your bed? Well, for one thing, you get short, black hair all over your sheets. This breed doesn’t shed enormously, but if the dog sleeps with you every night, changing the sheets every few days will be necessary.

Another thing is that it can affect the “pack structure” and lead to bad behavior. Humans are the pack leaders, and a dog must follow what the leader says. If the dog think it’s the boss, there will be problems, so make it clear for the dog what the rules are.

Bed Pal

Miniature Pinschers love to sleep in their owner's bed.

Personally, I don’t like the Miniature Pinscher sleeping in my bed, because he stretches out during the night, and those little feet all over my feet and legs wake me up! A snoring dog in your bed can also be annoying.

If you want a warm, hairy little companion in your bed to keep you warm, you might enjoy to have the Miniature Pinscher in your bed. Just be aware of the drawbacks.

5 Replies to “Miniature Pinschers sleeping in bed”

  1. DiDi says:

    Our MinPin, Caki, was crate trained from the time we brought him home, this not only helped house break him quickly but also set the state for his sleeping habits. Although we conditioned him to be a loving dog, my husband has insisted on the pack order from the beginning. We read a lot about this breed before we brought Caki home. He is a very strong willed guy, but, he is also obedient, thanks to my husband. Caki prefers his own bed and crate, as a matter of fact he tells us at night when he is ready to bed; we simply ask him, ‘Caki, bed and biscuit?’ and he responds with a bark and runs to his crate. When we take him on vacation we bring his bed and crate and allow him to get in bed with us if he wants. He eventually ends up in his crate of his own choosing!

  2. admin says:

    Hi DiDi, that sounds great. Ours wasn’t trained when we got him, and we let him sleep in our bed. He’s there to stay now… we should have been more strict from the start, but oh well. We love him so.

  3. Henry says:

    My minpin Neo is 3 1/2 now. He never comes on the bed but sleeps in his crate with the crate door open all night. Only comes out when he hears me wake.

    The secret was using crate training from day one. I always put him in a crate in the car and still shut him in his ‘kitchen’ crate for 10 mins every now and then.

    From this training, he never hovers round the table at meal times 🙂

  4. Deidre R Enriquez says:

    Bean is a 4 year old min pin and very loved. The problem is he repeatedly wakes us in the night due to him sleeping all day while we are at work. His food and water are taken up at dinner time and he has begun this …I want to sleep with you in your bed thing … As he has his own puppy bed and covers… Help..

  5. nobody says:

    He will quickly get used to sleeping in your bed, if you let him. You may need him to sleep in his crate. Or you shut the door to your bedroom. He will complain for a while, but they do get used to it eventually. Here is an interesting article –

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