Min-Pin Playing

Miniature Pinschers love to play and run around. I was walking our Min-Pin in the park one summer evening, and I brought my video camera with me. It was such a nice evening, even though there was also a lot of mosquitos! If you are able to let your min-pin

Blanket for your min-pin dog

Have you heard of the Snuggie For Dogs yet? This is a great and useful dog blanket, and it fastens with velcro. Keep your pet warm from head to paw with the Snuggie™ fleece throw. The Snuggie is a blanket coat with sleeves for your dog. Snuggie keeps them warm

Does your MinPin need some Dog Training?

Miniature Pinschers are lovely little dogs, but every owner know they can be hard to train. The truth is that any dog can be trained, if you know how to do it. The decision to bring a dog into your home can represent enormous and unexpected responsibility and chaos. Many

Destructive Miniature Pinscher?

Our Miniature Pinscher sometimes pees on the furniture, but not very often. A Min Pin who has become too dependent on his owner has a tendency to act insecure in the owner’s absence. It’s not unusual for a MinPin to become destructive – perhaps chewing furniture and shredding paper. A

Miniature Pinschers sleeping in bed

Miniature Pinschers like to sleep in their owners bed. If you let the dog sleep in your bed once, you instantly have a new sleeping pal for life. What you will need to do if you don’t want the Min Pin to sleep in your bed, is to keep your

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