Min-Pin Playing

Miniature Pinschers love to play and run around. I was walking our Min-Pin in the park one summer evening, and I brought my video camera with me. It was such a nice evening, even though there was also a lot of mosquitos!

If you are able to let your min-pin run around free outside somewhere, I encourage you to do so. They love to run around freely. Just keep a close eye on the dog, because often like to keep going and going and going and… well you get the idea.

Here is a video I made this summer evening. We had a great time together.

Min-pins don’t like to be cold

No, Miniature Pinschers certainly don’t enjoy the winter. They have short hair, and they start shivering as soon as they are outside in cold weather.

We have recently had some very cold weather here in Canada, and our MinPin still had to go outside for doing his bathroom business. I felt sorry for the little guy! We usually make him wear a little dog coat if it is very cold, which certainly helps a bit. A MinPin needs to wear a dog coat if the dog is to be outside for more than a minute, if it is very cold out.

The Miniature Pinscher will lift up one leg, if the ground is cold. That’s a hint that the dog is going to ask to come in soon. Same idea here – you can get little dog shoes to make this more comfortable for your Miniature Pinscher.

Recommended Dog Coat

This coat will keep your Min-Pin warm, as the winter rolls in.

Brr... cold for the feet!