Destructive Miniature Pinscher?

Our Miniature Pinscher sometimes pees on the furniture, but not very often. A Min Pin who has become too dependent on his owner has a tendency to act insecure in the owner’s absence. It’s not unusual for a MinPin to become destructive – perhaps chewing furniture and shredding paper. A common idea about the source of this kind of behavior is that they are feeling confused and upset.

If you come home and notice your MinPin has been destructive while you were away, do not reprimand the dog when you come home. This will likely just make the dog more confused and scared. What you should do instead is to focus on preventing this from happening again.

One of the best methods for this is to use a crate when you are not home. By putting the dog in a crate, you are creating as a safe place for your MinPin while you are away.

Another option is to train your MinPin to stay in one room while you are away. Obviously, you need to make sure this room is free of valuable items you don’t want to see destroyed. The point here is to make the dog feel this is their safe home or den while you are away.

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