Miniature Pinscher Temperament

The temperament of Miniature Pinschers is quite fierce. They are not aggressive, but they stand their ground, and they are very cuddly too. They have confidence written all over them, which means they do like to bark. However, you can calm their barking if you train them from young age.

Min Pins are good watchdogs, because are high strung, and they sound bigger than they are. Most people respect a barking dog. They are not dangerous at all though, and will rarely bite a person.

It is important they get enough exercise, and this will also burn off some energy and make the dog more calm.

The Min Pin loves people, and if you spend time training your dog, and taking him for walks and exercise, he will love you forever for it.

These dogs can very obedient if trained well. They like to be in charge, so it is important to train a min-pin from the beginning. You need to let the dog know who is in charge.

Positive reinforcement and treats are great methods for training any dogs, and the same goes for the Miniature Pinscher. Never be harsh to your dog, or use violence – it is not the way to train a dog.

If you have a hamster or other rodent, you will want to keep it far away. Min Pins have strong instincts to chase rodents. The dog will get very hyper if he knows there is a rodent in the house.

Introducing other dogs into a Min Pin’s territory can be difficult, but if you do it from young age, it can definitely be done.

If you have a baby, don’t leave the dog alone with the young one. These dogs do not love babies as much as adults, and they usually ignore the little one. If the dog wants to play, he might jump all over the baby so be aware of this. The dog may not like it if the baby interferes with his eating or steals his toys either. It is recommended that children be old enough to understand how to respect a dog’s boundaries before you consider getting a Miniature Pinscher.

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