Why does your MinPin pee inside?

If you live in a colder climate, it’s likely that your MinPin will give you the signal that going outside is no fun. We live where we get lots of snow and freezing temperatures. Needless to say, our dog hates going to the bathroom in the winter! So, sometimes he decides to take a leak inside instead. Can you blame him?

So what to do? Common sense – you need to take the dog for a walk several times per day, so the business can be done. Use a dog sweater on your MinPin if it is very cold. You won’t need to go very far, before the bathroom needs are made clear.

The problem with just letting the dog out, without taking the dog for a walk, is that your pinscher may just turn around and ask to come in, without having done anything. Then a bit later, when you are not watching, it’s bathroom needs are solved inside!

So, both dog and owner, put on plenty of clothes, grab the poo bag and coats, and head on out several times per day. We take ours out about 5 times per day.

Try to make the dog as comfortable as you can, and minimize the time spent out in the cold.

It may not be so fun sometimes, but necessary to help your dog to the right thing, at all times!

Recommended Dog Coat

Here is our dog in the summer, in the park.

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