Miniature Pinscher Shedding?

Miniature Pinschers do shed, just like most dogs. They are not too bad though, and their hairs are short. We find most hairs from our minpin on the couch, and other areas where he rests. Of course, if you hold him, you’ll get some on your clothes as well.  In

How To Avoid Dog Dandruff

How To Avoid Dandruff On Your MinPin First of all, do NOT use people products on your dog. The soap in these products can worsen dandruff and other skin problems for your min pin. This means that even the very mild baby soaps are not going to be good for

Don’t overfeed your miniature pinscher!

Even though they are full of energy, the Min Pin is a small dog and as such, you  should not give it too much food. It is important to stick to a feeding program where the calorie intake is appropriate. You must of course take good care in choosing the

How much should your Min-Pin eat?

Feeding your Miniature Pinscher Be careful to not overfeed your Miniature Pinscher. An adult Miniature Pinscher typically eats two smaller meals daily. If the dog is fed more than it requires per day, it is going to get fat. If weight gain happens, its likely that the dog may get

Dog training – Sit means Sit!

Training a dog is not that easy, let’s be honest. Persistence and patience is needed. If you are interested in getting training in how to train your dog, Las Vegas Nevada based ‘Sit Means Sit’, is an interesting dog training busines. With over 20 new locations over 13 states including

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